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How do I insert only the pager in the bottom of product list?

At the top of the product list I want: "Sort by relevance/bestselers/etc" and the "Sort item by: Table/list", this I was able to do.

At the bottom of the product list I only want the pager, I've tried to insert the following code in list.phtml

<?php echo $this->getPagerHtml() ?>

but this php code doesn't work directly on the product list.

How can I make the pager work on the product list and appear at the bottom?

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do you want two types of pager html one at the top with sort by features other in bottom only pager? am i correct – chanz Dec 14 '12 at 21:22
yes, that is exactly what I want – Marcelo Dec 14 '12 at 23:26

Hello you create new toolbar-bottom.phtml file with following code i.e app/design/frontend/(base or default)/(default or yourtheme)/template/catalog/product/list/toolbar-bottom.phtml

<?php if($this->getCollection()->getSize()): ?> <div class="toolbar">

getLastPageNum()>1): ?> __('Items %s to %s of %s total', $this->getFirstNum(), $this->getLastNum(), $this->getTotalNum()) ?> __('%s Item(s)', $this->getTotalNum()) ?>

__('Show') ?> getAvailableLimit() as $_key=>$_limit): ?> getLimitUrl($_key) ?>"isLimitCurrent($_key)): ?> selected="selected">

__('per page') ?> getPagerHtml() ?>

</div> <?php endif ?>

call into bottom of line in app/design/frontend/(base or default)/(default or yourtheme)/template/catalog/product/list.phtml

<div class="toolbar-bottom"> <?php echo


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I cannot see anything without proper formatting. – Maciej Paprocki Mar 22 '15 at 16:55
This idea helped me use specific items of the toolbar. – Mark1inLA Apr 30 '15 at 18:28

You can do this one of two ways.

1) Using CSS

<div class="category-products">
   <div class='top-toolbar'><?php echo $this->getToolbarHtml() ?></div>

   <div class='bottom-toolbar'><?php echo $this->getToolbarHtml() ?></div>

In css

 .bottom-toolbar .xyz{

2) Using a Custom module to overwrite getToolbarHtml and



public function getToolbarHtml($toolbar_position)
    $this->toolbar_position = $toolbar_position;
    return $this->getChildHtml('toolbar');

Then try to pass $this->toolbar_position to each block to show the section you need

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I think this is what you want.

$toolbar = $this->getToolbarBlock();
if($toolbar->getCollection()->getSize() > 0):
echo $toolbar->getPagerHtml(); //Pager
echo $toolbar-> __('Items %s to %s of %s total', $toolbar->getFirstNum(), $toolbar->getLastNum(),
$toolbar ->getTotalNum());


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