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I have an array of JLabels, they seem to work. If I do a System.out.print(days[index]); I get the actual information contained and the label is present and works.

When i try to add the label at any index to the panel I'm getting a null pointer exception and I'm not sure why?

public class DrawCalendar extends JPanel{

private JLabel month = new JLabel("Month");
private JLabel[] days = {
    new JLabel("Sunday"),
    new JLabel("Monday"),
    new JLabel("Tuesday"),
    new JLabel("Wednesday"),
    new JLabel("Thursday"),
    new JLabel("Friday"),
    new JLabel("Saturday")
    private JPanel dayBoxes;
    private JPanel topLabels;

    public DrawCalendar(int month){

        topLabels.add(days[1]);  //the NullPointerException caused here

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topLabels hasn't been instantiated. It is of type JPanel, but it is not a JPanel until

  topLabels = new JPanel();

Until then, it is null.

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facepalm thanks –  leigero Dec 14 '12 at 20:55

Where is private JPanel topLabels; initialized? You probably want something like:

topLabels = new JPanel();

in your DrawCalendar's constructor, or just do it implicitly on the declaration line:

private JPanel topLabels = new JPanel();
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