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I'm loading bootstrap into a module:

                'responsiveCss' => true,

in a GridView I'm trying to create a TbButtonColumn:

    'htmlOptions'=>array('style'=>'width: 50px'),

This returns a CException

Property "CWebApplication.bootstrap" is not defined.

as it points to a bootstrap in the main config app which obviously doesn't exist, how do I reference bootstrap when it is loaded in the module?

I tried:




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The lines of culprit are in TbGridView's init():

$popover = Yii::app()->bootstrap->popoverSelector;
$tooltip = Yii::app()->bootstrap->tooltipSelector;

Changing them to this will help:

if (!($module=Yii::app()->controller->module)){// access as application component (original behavior)
    $popover = Yii::app()->bootstrap->popoverSelector;
    $tooltip = Yii::app()->bootstrap->tooltipSelector;
else {// access as module component 
    $popover = $module->bootstrap->popoverSelector;
    $tooltip = $module->bootstrap->tooltipSelector;

The same two lines are in TbListView also, so if you use TbListView, you can make the same changes.

Update: There already seems to be an issue regarding this, solution posted there looks better:

$module = ( Yii::app()->controller->module ? Yii::app()->controller->module : Yii::app() );

$popover = $module->bootstrap->popoverSelector;
$tooltip = $module->bootstrap->tooltipSelector;
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posted an update with new findings –  bool.dev Dec 15 '12 at 5:00

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