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I want to automate "code inspection" while a user is typing in a small Visual Studio Addin i am working on.

All i need is a very small subset of functionality that CodeRush, Resharper and FxCop already offer. Here is what i need done:

  1. Analyze what user is typing in Visual Studio IDE
  2. Determine last typed code
  3. Change or format(colors/underlining) written code based on specific conditions
  4. Insert code snippets automatically

I have NO intention of performing code "quality" inspections or testing "design practices" or "best practices"!!!.

My question(s) is:

  1. Can i use CCI Metadata from http://ccimetadata.codeplex.com/ to inspect source code that is currently being typed?
  2. Can i determine how many variables have been declared in currently open file in Visual Studio?
  3. Can i perform custom code formatting (changing of colors etc)?
  4. Can i insert custom code snippets?

using CCI MetaData?

I have looked inside StyleCop and FxCop APIs too. Stylecop analyzes source code styling rules only. FxCop analyzes functional and logical complexity, design practices only analyzes compiled assemblies while i only need to perform analysis of code that is being typed.

Any help or guidance is much appreciated.




It seems http://cciast.codeplex.com/documentation is more relevant to what i am upto but i would love an expert opinion.

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They are just pieces of the puzzle. CCI Metadata helps you parse the assembly references, CCIAST helps you build the syntax tree. Missing is the actual code parser, you'll need one for C#. And the code that interprets the syntax tree to do something useful. A significant obstacle is that you'll need to be able to parse broken code. Code is not syntactically correct 95% of the time while the programmer is editing it. So a regular parser won't do. That's an NP hard problem ;) –  Hans Passant Dec 14 '12 at 22:21

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1) No, you cannot. Until Project Roslyn is released you have to rely on the VS CodeModel.

2) Yes, but not with CCI.

3) No, not really. I don't even know if the VS CodeModel allows you to do this, I don't think so. However, you may create custom editor extensions for Visual Studio. I guess Adornments or Tags are what you're looking for.

4) Also: yes, but not with CCI.

CCI metadata really only helps you to create and/or analyze .NET DLLs (which can only be created from compiling code). If you want to work with code within Visual Studio which is currently typed you have to rely on the VS extension mechanisms which are currently based on the VS CodeModel and will be based on Roslyn some time in the future.

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