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I need this to move a file to recycle bin by using SHFileOperation function and SHFILEOPSTRUCT structure. Is this way safe ? ( I'm starting from wide char string object.)

wstring wstr = L"my test"
wstr += L'\0'
wchar_t* = wstr.c_str();

and since I've added zero in string object and conversion to c-string added another it should be valid PCZZWSTR... but... if there is some 'clever' code along the way sensing that the zero is already at the end ?

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A C string is a contiguous block of characters where the last char is 0. A "double-nul terminated" (a bit of a misnomer IMO) is a contiguous block of C strings terminated by the empty string. –  asveikau Dec 14 '12 at 22:38

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Yes, what you showed will work. You are adding an explicit null character to the end of the wstring's data, and then c_str() will return a pointer that is terminated by a second null terminator, thus satisfying the SHFileOperation() requirement.

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