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Typing the command: odbcinst -q -s on RHEL 6, I get the following error message:

odbcinst: SQLGetPrivateProfileString failed with .

All my DSN's are also not showing up when I run:

odbcinst -q -d
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Type the command: env |grep 'ODBC' to check if the ODBCSYSINI and the ODBCINI variables are set. If no results are returned - you need to add the variables to the environment variable pointing to the directory and the path to where the odbc.ini file is located as follows (in my case for RHEL 6 it is located at /etc - others may have it on /usr/local/etc):

Edit ~\.bash_profile and add the following lines:

export ODBCSYSINI=/etc
export ODBCINI=/etc/odbc.ini

You are good to go!

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Thanks - this helped. Does anyone know WHY does this happen? –  Kapil Vyas Jan 10 '13 at 20:51

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