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i'm trying to install cloudfoundry on my own server , i used this steps here

,the installation complete successfully and all service run without any problem.

but when i use vmc target api.vcap.me the targtting process failed !

when is check the vcap access log this line appeared when i try to connect : - [14/Dec/2012:16:38:44 -0500] "GET /info HTTP/1.1" 404 214 "-" "Ruby" response_time:0.001

any help please ?

Note : i edit my hosts file to accept api.vcap.me

Thanks in advance .

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The document you followed is out-dated. I would like to recommend you follow the official document here on GitHub: https://github.com/cloudfoundry/vcap. That should give you a very detailed and updated steps to build your own PAAS server up.

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