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I'm trying to run auto.arima on some xts data, but am getting the following error:



Error in dimnames(cd) <- list(as.character(index(x)), colnames(x)) : 
'dimnames' applied to non-array

I found that if I

close <- as.ts(GSPC$GSPC.Close)

then auto.arima does not return the error. But then I've lost the date information associated with the xts object. Is there a way to keep the data as xts and still run the function?

I noticed that e.g. acf(GSPC$GPSC.Close) and pacf() do not give errors.

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If it doesn't work, don't use xts objects but export via coredata() to matrix, possibly convert with as.data.frame(). –  Dirk Eddelbuettel Dec 15 '12 at 4:41

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I suggest you convert GSPC$GSPC.Close to a ts, vector, or matrix in the argument list of auto.arima:

auto.arima(coredata(Cl(GSPC)))  # Dirk's suggestion
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