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Hope you are doing great friends.

I have installed Joomla in my site and now I installed Jomsocial, a social plug-in; the thing is that I installed it in English but now I want to install it in Spanish but keep it in both languages, I mean let's said I will have a link to the Spanish version and other for the English version but obviously I need to share the database to keep all users connected (all signups in English and Spanish together), is it possible? Any ideas on how to do that? I have the Spanish version already but not sure if I have to follow the normal installation through the extension manager and then make some code changes.

I’ll really appreciate your help guys, I know some php if some code changes are needed , I mean, if you advise me to change something.

Have a great evening!

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Jom social has a built in language pack in Spanish which you must install (can be found here). Also install the main Joomla Language pack (from here).

You can then handle the site natively in Joomla using the multilingual plugin (you will need to enable this).

Else install a component such as JoomFish (I believe the 2.5 version is only a paid membership thing for now - but a free one will probably come soon) or FaLang (free but I personally don't find as good). There are also other components available on JED which will manage the translations better than the native Joomla plugin. However the above two langauge files will need to be installed either way!

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Thanks a lot George for taking the time to answer my question, I'll take a look to your suggestions and will reopen the question in a more concise way if I need more assistance. Your help has been really appreciated pal! – i'llbdevsomeday Dec 17 '12 at 0:38

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