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            source: "autocomplete.lastname.php"

I am experiencing a problem where when I use tab to change text boxes the drop down menu is stuck in the down position. What could be done to solve this type of a problem? I already have something like this also:

            source: "autocomplete.firstname.php"
        }).keyup(function (e) {
    if(e.which === 13) {

Which is not exactly what I am intending but perhaps it could be modified? I am also noticing that on .hide there is still showing at the bottom remnants of the menu on enter.

Thanks in advance!

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It lags because your source is a PHP file, which has to load and process what ever is on there.

A quick and dirty solution would be an AJAX call on load.

$(function() {
    var lastnames;

    $.get("autocomplete.lastname.php", function(data) {
       lastnames = data;

        source: lastnames
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What should I do about it? Do you have a change you could recommend? –  Sepoto Dec 15 '12 at 0:45

I had the same issue, but tacking on an AJAX call seemed like overkill to me. So, I added a line to close all the autocompletes on my form when the user focuses into the next input box:

$("#form input").on("focus", function(e) {
    $("#form autocomplete_input_1, #form autocomplete_input_2").autocomplete( "close" );

This has the benefit of not interfering with the autocomplete when you need it, but quickly hiding it for those users who can move quickly through the form.

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