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I read elisp's network server manul, but I cann't find write a socket listening server. Some puzzles of the function "make-network-process":

  1. How to bind the server?
  2. How to accept the client connections and create a a new network process?
  3. how to communicat with the client process by the new created network process?

Is there any snippet source code about network server?

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make-network-process will make a listening server, binding it to the given port. For that, you just need to specify :server t among the keyword arguments.

Client connections will automatically be accepted and will automatically create new network processes. Elisp code can set things up when a new connection comes in, because the process-sentinel function gets called when this happens.

Communication with the client happens via network-process created when the client connection was accepted. This process will be used like any other process, i.e. via process-filter, process-send-string, ...

You can look at the server.el code (C-h f server-start should be a good entry point) for a reasonably simple example.

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