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I upgraded to PHP 5.3.19 last night and apc_delete is no longer working for me. I have APC 3.1.13 installed.

Anytime I update a news entry, my code is supposed to delete the stored post in APC.

if ($_GET["action"] == "save")
     // save the info to mysql database
     // delete the post from APC cache
     echo "APC cache post# $sid deleted? - ";
     var_dump( apc_delete("news_$sid") );

The value always used to return true - now it's returning false. The stored news post in APC is not deleted.

In fact, trying to delete the stored entry manually (via apc.php script) does not work either. The only way I managed to get the post deleted was to click on the "Clear user Cache" button.

Any ideas on what is going on?

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3.1.13 is beta. Can you try the latest stable release instead? There's been a big period of instability in APC after PHP 5.4 was released. As you aren't on 5.4, you can safely use an older version here... – Charles Dec 15 '12 at 6:15
The latest 'stable' APC release will not allow me to store the cache in 'IPC shared memory' - forcing me to use disk instead. It's the main reason why I'm using the latest beta. Frustrating how updating PHP from .18 to .19 would cause these issues. – Dave Dec 15 '12 at 18:34
That's unfortunate. I realize this isn't exactly an answer, but have you considered switching to memcached for this? Unlike APC, it doesn't break every time you look at it funny. – Charles Dec 15 '12 at 18:56
Actually no, I have not looked at that as a possible option. I'll check it out and see how it goes. Thanks! – Dave Dec 15 '12 at 23:02

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