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After some struggle with Oracle Advanced Queuing and dbms_aq package I encountered another issue. I copied code from Oracle tutorials but when I compile this code:

create or replace
procedure jms_test(msg varchar2)
    id                 pls_integer;
    message  $_jms_stream_message;
    enqueue_options    dbms_aq.enqueue_options_t;
    message_properties dbms_aq.message_properties_t;
    message :=$_jms_stream_message.construct(0);
    message.set_string_property('FROM', 'TEST');
    id := message.clear_body(-1);

it complains with:

Error(9,40): PLS-00302: component 'CONSTRUCT' must be declared
Error(10,10): PLS-00302: component 'SET_STRING_PROPERTY' must be declared
Error(11,16): PLS-00302: component 'CLEAR_BODY' must be declared

I think this code works out of procedure body, because I tried with success recipes from What's in my JMS queue?

My Oracle version is: Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production

Any idea what can be wrong?

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Looks like a database version problem. AQ$_JMS_STREAM_MESSAGE has a construct method in 10G but not in 9i. What version of Oracle Server are you using?

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Sorry, version is in your post. So your code probaly won't run on a Oracle 9i database – Rene Sep 7 '09 at 13:20
+1 Good spot. – cagcowboy Sep 7 '09 at 13:24
Yes, this probably is version problem. I haven't checked version info from Oracle manual. Thanks! – Michał Niklas Sep 8 '09 at 4:56

Looks like grants again

GRANT EXECUTE ON$_jms_stream_message To <your-user>;



work in SQL*Plus from both the SYS + your schema?

Note that SYS.AQ$_JMS_STREAM_MESSAGE is a datbase object/type, whereas SYS.DBMS_AQ is a package


Ok... maybe the TYPE body is missing / invalid. What does:

SELECT owner, object_name, object_type, status


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GRANT succeeded, desc works from both schemas, but function cannot compile. – Michał Niklas Sep 7 '09 at 12:50
Result of select: SYS, AQ$_JMS_STREAM_MESSAGE, TYPE, VALID – Michał Niklas Sep 8 '09 at 4:52

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