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May I know how to set amount that I insert into a Pdf Table as an event? I need the item amount to get the total by page and display on the bottom of the page. But what I did now is I set the amount during the SQL execution where the data will directly insert into a table. Once the table is complete then add into document. As result, I get the whole amount for the item, not the item by page event though I try to print the total by page using onEndPage(). I want to create the table on a template but I don't know to insert table into template and how to retrieve the row line number.

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You need a TotalAmount object and two different cell events.

The TotalAmount object should have one variable (e.g. amount) and two or three methods: addAmount(), getAmount() and resetAmount().

Create the first type of cell event with the TotalAmount object and the amount as parameters. Add the amount to the TotalAmount in the layout() method. This method will be triggered when the body cells are drawn.

Create the second type of cell event with the TotalAmount object as parameter. Use this cell event for an empty footer cell. Use the value returned by getAmount() to draw that value in the layout() method. Use the resetAmount() method if the total shown in the footer isn't cumulative.

When you create the table, the table object isn't aware of paginatin. The events are triggered only at the moment the cells are drawn, NOT at the moment you create the table. That's why you can't add the amount at the moment you create the table.

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Thanks @bruno. I have tried to create the table using cellEvent, but then the whole data is been display on just 1 page. I try to get the amount only but then the data is not showing. I have try to understand your example such as Calendar and RunLengthEvent but I couldn't make it. I want to implement the same method for page number but I can't estimate number of items that will display on each page because some of the items might have a long description. Plus, I unable to get number of item and the amount. –  sar Dec 17 '12 at 7:04
You studied the examples, but did you read the book? It can be hard to understand the examples without any additional explanation. Als you don't need to know the number of items that will display on each page. That's the beauty of the solution I described. I'm sorry if you didn't understand it. The only other way I can help you, is by writing you an example, but that's not what SO is about, is it? –  Bruno Lowagie Dec 17 '12 at 7:20
so far this is the output that I manage to get, link. the only thing that left is to get the subtotal. I will try my best to solve the solution. if not, I will try to reach you again. I have set to skip the header "Sub Total Carried Forward" using table.setSkipFirstHeader(true); but it still display the row. but the footer is working... Thanks again :) –  sar Dec 17 '12 at 7:45
As soon as I find the time, I'll make an example. I can't guarantee anything though. I'm pretty busy with some other work. –  Bruno Lowagie Dec 17 '12 at 9:21
I'll look forward for it. Hope that you can let me know about it. Meanwhile, I will keep trying and try to get other reference. Thanks –  sar Dec 20 '12 at 7:19

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