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The default for a call to the activity feed is all types. It would be amazing if there was a way to filter by type so I could get a feed of just uploads. Is this possible?


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If you're looking for uploads, you should actually make a call to the Channels resource to get the Uploads playlist, and then use PlaylistItems for your activity feed.

So to get the Google channel's uploads, make a call here:


You will find the playlist id (UUK8sQmJBp8GCxrOtXWBpyEA) here in the json response:

items -> contentDetails -> relatedPlaylists -> uploads

Then make a call to the PlaylistItems resource with "UUK8sQmJBp8GCxrOtXWBpyEA" set as the playlistId


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this seems unreasonable for a activity feed where you would want the uploads for every channel a user is subscribed too. If you have 200 subscriptions then you now have to make 200 calls for each channel. –  STHayden Jul 11 '13 at 2:35
It makes sense if you're the video owner though. This post helped me directly. Thanks. –  Mike Lee Jul 7 at 1:58

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