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I am trying to create google spreadsheet for my stock watchlist. I want to embed google finance search in it, so that when I start typing the symbol name it will give suggestion in a dropdown box & from that I can pick the desired symbol. Is it possible?

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You can do that with the following formula: GoogleFinance("symbol"; "attribute").

See the following reference on how to use that: GoogleFinance

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Google has changed so many help and support URLs! Yours redirects to a huge list that gives some related answers but not how to answer the question. There was a "Learn more" that took me to this: spreadsheets.google.com/… That didn't describe how to get a dropdown symbol search, like in Google Instant Search. It had an additional detail URL, which took me back to where I was to begin with, still no mention about prompted symbol search though! –  Ellie Kesselman Oct 8 '13 at 4:41

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