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is there anyway that i can bind two model to one input field ? Suppose I have input field which I want to be the value of two variables in the scope something like:

<input type="text" model="sn_number; id" > 
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The answer is no. But more info would be useful so we could help with suggestions. –  Greg Dec 15 '12 at 8:28

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You cannot, but there are some workarounds.

1. Use ngChange to update the other model

<input type="text" 

2. You could watch a model, and when in changes, update another

$scope.$watch('sn_number', function(v){
  $scope.id = v;

You would need to watch also for changes in id if you want to keep them in sync.

Example here

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Yes this is exactly what I need !Thank you –  Adelin Dec 15 '12 at 8:50

It would make no sense to bind an input to two variables in the model. Binding works both ways, so if the model is updated, the field is updated and vice-versa. If you were to bind to two variables, what would be the single source of truth?

However you can use ng-change to call a method on the controller which can set two variables when the field changes.

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with ng-init

<div ng-controller="ctrl" ng-init="model = { year: '2013', month:'09'}">


<div ng-repeat="c in contact" ng-init="likes = { food: 'steak', drink:'coke'}">
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"The only appropriate use of ngInit is for aliasing special properties of ngRepeat" docs.angularjs.org/api/ng/directive/ngInit –  GFoley83 Mar 18 at 2:35

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