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I am working with GAE with java. i am just creating a sample application with Student and Course relationships. I am having many branches and many students. Each branch can have many students, i tried like

    Course course = new Course();

    Student stu = new Student();
    Key<Course> courseKey = new Key<Course>(Course.class, course.getId()); // getting error here

I am not sure how to define this relationship in objecitfy4. I followed the tutorial


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Look at the Javadocs for Key. Instead of a public constructor, there is a more convenient creator method which requires less typing of <> generics:

Key<Course> courseKey = Key.create(Course.class, course.getId());
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There are two keys that you might use:

  1. first the GAE low-level and
  2. second, the objectify's com.googlecode.objectify.Key.

You can use both with Objectify (as under the hood they are ultimately converted to low-level API).

Neither has a public constructor so you can not use new with them.

With low-level keys you'd use KeyFactory.createKey("Course", course.getId()). With objectify key you'd use com.googlecode.objectify.Key.create(Course.class, course.getId())

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When we use Objectify , if we need any Key to be created for condition(KeyFactory.createKey("Course", course.getId()) , In course object, Id field should be specified with index. It will work fine.

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