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I have several textboxes on my view. One of them needs to get focus. Which one exactly is defined in the data model. Currently I call the Focus method right after binding is done. I get false as a result which means the focus cannot be set. Question is

  • what is right time for doing this?
  • how do I know this moment being in the view model without knowing about the view anything?
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Have you tried doing it after the first LayoutUpdated? That's a good point at which you know all the controls have done initializing themselves. There's lot of ways to bind an event to the view model. – Aleksandr Dubinsky Dec 15 '12 at 20:39
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The right answer is to schedule setting the focus via Dispatcher.BeginInvoke. It means the view model has to have a reference to the Dispatcher object which is somewhat tricky to do but worth the effort.

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