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I am using the button toggle feature of Twitter Bootstrap. Everything works perfectly. The problem is the color difference between the toggle's on/off state is too similar. It is hard to see the difference between on and off states.

Ideally I'd like to make the color contrast more pronounced between on/off states, or change the color entirely between states (e.g. blue = off, red = on).

<button type='button' class='btn' data-toggle='button' value='ABC'><i class='icon-star-empty'></i></button>


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I realized I could change the class using JQuery. Now off-state is white, on-state is green.

 $(document).ready(function() {

 $('.keyContactToggle').click(function (e) {

   var UserID = $(this).attr('value');

 if ( ($(this).is('.btn')) && ($(this).is('.keyContactToggle')) && !($(this).is('.btn-success')) ) {


 } else {




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Recently also met this problem. found a quick solution


in line 209 from bootstrap.js


if (changed) this.$element.toggleClass('active')


if (changed) this.$element.toggleClass('btn-success')
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