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i have a very similar question like this one: Rails redirect_to with params

so, i learned from this thread, that i can add Params to the Controllers redirect_to like this:

format.html { redirect_to @order, :test => "test", notice: 'Order was successfully created.' }

As far as i understood it, with this, i should be able to show the value of :test in the view. But if i try to access it like this

   <%= params[:test] %>

nothing happens.

Also it doesn´t seem to be a part of the parameters cause

<%= params.inspect %>

just shows

{"action"=>"show", "controller"=>"orders", "id"=>"32"} 

I don´t know what exactly went wrong here.... the redirect_to is the one, which is called by default by the Controller´s "create" action.

So far, i fixed this by just defining $test which is accessible with <%= $test %> in the view... but this seems to be very ugly for me (isn´t it???).

Just to make it clear, the parameter i want to pass to the view is not an instance of a class like the @order in the default definition of the controller is. it´s just a varialbe with a value that i want to pass to the view. what would be the normal (RESTful <- if i´m understanding this expression in the right way...) way of just adding a param???

Thanks in advance for enlightening me once again ;-)



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You should use it like this

format.html { redirect_to order_path(@order, :test => "test"), notice: 'Order was successfully created.' }
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Wow, that was fast - and works perfectly! Thank you! – Tobi89 Dec 15 '12 at 12:29

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