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Here is my code:

   echo '<br/>';
   echo 'Json data from DB   '.json_encode($output);
   echo '<br/>';
   echo 'Concerted into an array   '.json_encode($array);

and here is the output:

Json data from DB  [{"0":"1","key-1":"1","1":"1","key-2":"1","2":"1","key-3":"1","3":"1","key-4":"1"}] 
Concerted into an array null 

why json_devode returns null? If I try the same like this:

$data = '[{"0":"1","key-1":"1","1":"1","key-2":"1","2":"1","key-3":"1","3":"1","key-4":"1"}]';

// convert to an array
$data = json_decode($data, true);

then it is printed out normally:

Json data from DB  [{"0":"1","key-1":"1","1":"1","key-2":"1","2":"1","key-3":"1","3":"1","key-4":"1"}] 
Concerted into an array  {"0":"1","key-1":"1","1":"1","key-2":"1","2":"1","key-3":"1","4":"1","key-4":"1"}
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Triple check what variable you're trying to decode! – deceze Dec 15 '12 at 12:07

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Because json_decode takes a string and $output isn't a string (as evidenced by json_encode: it's an array).

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You seem to be mixing things up. In your example $output seems to be an array already and you want to decode it again? How?

When you do this:


It returns a proper JSON object, meaning that $output is already an array. And you can not json_decode a non-JSON object. It seems like you can just use $output directly, or you need to state your problem more clearly.

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