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I have started using Oracle database server on Windows 7 64 bit OS and I have encountered the following error.

"Error- Windows cannot find 'http://127.0.01:%HTTPPORT%/apex/f?p=4950'. 
 Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again" 

I tried to change the properties of get_started but it says that the changing cannot be applied on this shortcut.

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I found the solution Right click on the shortcut > choose properties > go to security tab > Choose Authenticated Users > and give permission to do everything and now try to change the URL you will be able to do it Hope this help

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I have got the solution. I made Internet explorer my default browser and then add Under 'Add this Web site to the zone'.

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You can directly go to and you will get Home Page Of your Oracle Database

Or you can make a new shortcut icon and set it's url to the previous link

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Simple solution:

You need to directly tell where your http port is. To do so; open up the folder where your Oracle is stored and navigate to server folder( in my case C:\Oracle\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\11.2.0\server) in that folder right click to Get_Started file and choose properties. There you can hand type your http port which is usually 8080 in my case: ....

The problem should be solved.

Hope this helps you get through it..

Pinar U.S.

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Just go where the file (Get_Started) is which is probably -> C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\11.2.0\server And then RENAME IT to any other name THAT's IT.

That worked for me.

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This is what worked for me on Windows 8.1 with Update 1, 64-bit:

Create a SYSTEM level Environment variable named HTTPPORT with a value of 8080. Reboot. Click the Get Started link and this time it will work because it can resolve %HTTPPORT%.

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