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some people using my shared library have problems loading it. I already told them to install "gcc-libs" as stated here.

I also told them to compile the shared library themselves, but without luck.

Are there other solutions to this problem?

This is a log file from the program which tries to load the plugin on CentOS6:

[23:16:57]   Failed (plugins/RouteConnectorPlugin.so: undefined symbol: _ZN3tbb8internal12NFS_AllocateEjjPv)
[23:16:57]  Loading plugin failed: RouteConnectorPlugin.so

The program is open source and located here, it's written in a mix of C and C++ (the program is compiled for x86 only).

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@KillianDS you mean the \libs\ from the .tgz? And I told them to install GCC-libs but it seems not to solve the problem :) – user1182183 Dec 15 '12 at 12:45
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If your shared library depends on another shared library you should link against it. Then when your library is linked into some other executable/shared library that dependency will be automatically loaded and users don't need to explicitly link against that dependency.

The undefined symbol is

$ c++filt _ZN3tbb8internal12NFS_AllocateEjjPv
tbb::internal::NFS_Allocate(unsigned int, unsigned int, void*)

which might come from the intel-tbb library you mentioned. Since this a dependency of your code users expect you to properly declare that dependency by linking it into your library.

See e.g. this answer on how to do this with with GCC.

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