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I'd like to implement these loops in MIPS assembly but can't work out how to check for double conditions:



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Managed. For future reference here is how it's done:

if ( i == j && i == k ) // if ( <cond1> && <cond2> )
i++ ; // if body
j-- ; // else body $s2 
j = i + k ;

bne $s1, $s2, ELSE # cond1: branch if !( i == j )
bne $s1, $s3, ELSE # cond2: branch if !( i == k )
addi $s1, $s1, 1 # if-body: i++
j NEXT # jump over else
ELSE: addi $s2, $s2, -1 # else-body: j--
NEXT: add $s2, $s1, $s3 # j = i + k
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