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I'm using amazon MWS api to get the complete amazon order list. It's pretty good to have such api which returns Fulfilled by Amazon (AFN) and Fulfilled by the seller (MFN) orders.

I can see all Sales Channels (Amazon, Non-Amazon) orders once i logged in to amazon seller central. But problem is, this api does not return "Non-Amazon" Sales Channel orders.

Note : i'm sending only CreatedAfter parameter with other required parameters.

Is there a any way to get "Non-Amazon" Channel orders through MWS Order API?


Amazon does not provide Non-Amazon sales channel order information through api and if it's true, then it means i have to logged in to seller central and manually note down "Non-Amazon" Channel orders details.

I would appreciate any help!

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Non-Amazon sales channel order is either created through merchant or using Fulfillment Outbound Shipment API Action "CreateFulfillmentOrder". To get those orders information back we need to use Fulfillment Outbound Shipment API Action "GetFulfillmentOrder".

These api definitely gonna save lot of time :)

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