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I'm using rspec expectations in a cucumber framework and they look fine when used at the steps definition level.

I've configured my env.rb file with:

require 'rspec/expectations'

The problem I've noticed now is that if I try to use rspec inside a method of an object that's used inside one of the steps then I've got a failure.


class Service
   def use_rspec
       header = page.find("div#services h2").text
       header.should (be 'TV')

Error after execution:
 undefined method `be' for #<Service:0x2592570> (NoMethodError)

Any idea where the problem could be?

I've tried a similar assertion with Capybara.page.find(...).should have_content('...') inside that class and 'have_content' is not recognized either, so not really sure what's going on :S

Many thanks for any tip!

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Your Service class isn't in the World so RSpec::Matchers isn't available there.

You have two possibilities:

  1. Include RSpec::Matchers manually to this class.
  2. Put this class (or module) to World. After that its methods will become directly available in step definitions.


class Helpers
  def method
    # Capybara and RSpec::Matchers are available here


module Helpers
  def method
    # Capybara and RSpec::Matchers are available here
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Hi Andrey. Not sure where is my problem then. I had put created a module which I put to the World where I had created the service object, so the service methods were available in the steps, that was fine. The problem I have (even after trying the suggestions above) is that #Capybara and Rspec::Matchers don't seem to be recognized inside the class. If I try: include RSpec::Matchers inside the class then I get the following error undefined method new' for RSpec::Matchers::Pretty:Module Error creating formatter: pretty (NoMethodError)` –  mickael Dec 15 '12 at 15:49
@mickael it works for me. Try to start from scratch. Capybara and RSpec::Matchers are available inside module or class if it's put to World –  Andrey Botalov Dec 15 '12 at 16:39
@mickael have you solved this issue? –  Andrey Botalov Dec 18 '12 at 11:46

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