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Suddenly this morning, a PHP server stopped serving some webpages. I didn't change anything, but maybe automated updates did. The PHP instances segfaulted, and Apache returned a blank page. I've traced the problem to this:

array_unique( $arr ); # segfault

which uses the string representation of the objects in $arr. This also makes the program segfault:

echo $arr[0]; # segfault

But this does not!

echo $arr[0]->__toString(); # works as expected

This does segfault:

echo (string)$arr[0]; # segfault

I thought that the last three lines would be identical.

What could be wrong? I'll try to write a MWE but I figured maybe someone had seen this before and had any ideas.

function __toString() {
    return 'Product #' . $this->id;
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is the container(array) relevant or you can reproduce the problem with an object? – Karoly Horvath Dec 15 '12 at 16:57

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