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I know how to get a resource from the string resource in XAML:

{Binding OK, Source={StaticResource LocStrings}}

However, I want to use a localized string in C# directly, e.g. something like

someString = Resources["LocStrings"]["StringId"];

But this does not compile.

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(Sorry I already know the answer ... I just saw the resource code behind): – Michel Keijzers Dec 15 '12 at 14:14
Btw, answer is simply: using <projname>.Resources; someString = Strings.StringId; – Michel Keijzers Dec 15 '12 at 14:15

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You need something like this:

var myText = this.FindResource("LocStrings") as string;

I guess, you can change this to wherever your resource is located.


Usually, this is what I use for global resources:

var myText = Application.Current.FindResource("resourceName") as string;
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Exists there no better (type-safe) way? With WinForms app getting string resource was much better: Properties.Resources.ResourceName; – hfrmobile Nov 24 at 10:19
None that I am aware of. But you can always check the type yourself. – NoOne 2 days ago
It is also possible to use .resx files in a WPF app to get that benefits but I wonder that XAML doesn't provide such benefits... – hfrmobile 23 hours ago

This is not a complete answer but maybe could helps in your internationalization application, see this codeplex article maybe will be useful to you.

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