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I am trying to integrate "On site Recurring Payment" using eWay Payment Gateway, in my website and Since I am using Django as a development framework so I was looking for an existing library/app in Django which helps me, with that.

For which Django-Merchant seems to be very promising. But while going through their API Doc I realized that Django-Merchant does NOT facilitates "Recurring Payments" in On-site Processing.

Is there any other library for eWay Payment Gateway in Django that I can use to achieve "On site Recurring Payments"? or any other way out in Django-Merchant.

Example: The recurring functionality is available for braintree integration:

>>> resp = braintree.recurring(10, credit_card, options = options)

I am looking for the same thing in eWay.

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We have contributed to Django-Merchant for above mentioned features. As, It supports many payment gateways and is most popular in the Django community for payment gateway Integration.

Refer latest version of Django-Merchant for changes. you can find them here.

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