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I have an action within the controller in Kohana3 framework, everything works fine.

When I type in the url myconroller/myaction/5 in the browser, it goes to the proper action_myaction(), and param 5 can be accessed as $this->request->param('id);

My question is: how to catch all URLs that looks like myconroller/myaction-XXX/5 (XXX is any number from 1 to 999) to go to action_myaction()?

If I had only several URLs of such type, I would create several actions that call a function by passing XXX as a parameter. But what if I have up to 999 possible valid URLs?

Should I modify a bootstrap.php in a proper way? How? Or, there is another option (if exists)?

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Here is the answer for my question. Add the rules for routes in the bootstrap.php before the default route:

Route::set('xxxroute', 'myconroller/myaction-<param1>/<id>'
    'param1' =>'\d+',
    'id' =>'\d+'
    'controller' =>'myconroller',
    'action' =>'myaction',

This way param1 is a number (else it goes to the default route) and it goes straight to the action myaction.

The parametres could be found there by:


Hope this helps to someone else.

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