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Is there a way to get JTA transaction timeout value? UserTransaction interface has only setTransactionTimeout method. Is there a specific way of getting its value in WebLogic?

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If you just want the default, you can use

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Thanks, but no, I actually want the timeout of the current transaction as it may differ from default. – Andrey Adamovich Sep 7 '09 at 13:25

In WLS 10.2, you can use the WLS custom extension weblogic.transaction.Transaction and then call getTimeToLiveMillis().

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There is no actual solution to determine current transaction timeout value with simple API call.

As a solution I've used the advice from Wayne above to get the default value. Also as all non-default values I set myself based on configuration file, I read/cache it again when there is a need to get the value for current transaction timeout.

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