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I want to redirect a sytem.out.println to a JLabel in another class.

I have 2 classes, NextPage and Mctrainer.

NextPage is basically just a Jframe (The gui for my project), and I have created a Jlabel in Nextpage using this code;

public class NextPage extends JFrame {

    JLabel label1; 

    NextPage() {
        label1 = new JLabel();

This is the code for Mctrainer:

public class Mctrainer {

    JLabel label1;

    Mctrainer() {
        HttpClient client2 = new DefaultHttpClient();
        HttpPost post = new HttpPost("http://oo.hive.no/vlnch");
        try {
            List <NameValuePair> nvp = new ArrayList <NameValuePair>();
            nvp.add(new BasicNameValuePair("username", "test"));
            nvp.add(new BasicNameValuePair("password", "test"));
            nvp.add(new BasicNameValuePair("request", "login"));
            nvp.add(new BasicNameValuePair("request", "mctrainer"));
            post.setEntity(new UrlEncodedFormEntity(nvp));

            HttpContext httpContext = new BasicHttpContext();

            HttpResponse response1 = client2.execute(post, httpContext);
            BufferedReader rd = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(response1.getEntity().getContent()));
            String line = "";
            while ((line = rd.readLine()) != null) {
        catch (IOException e) {

Mctrainer basically just prints out JSON data from a server using system.out.println. I want to redirect it to show up in the JLabel in my GUI (NextPage) instead of console. Any suggestions on how to do this?

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"in another class." Whenever I see that phrase, it makes me wonder if the asker has any idea of how to program in an OO language. It should be a non-issue by the stage you start programming a GUI. If it is an issue, stop trying to program GUIs for a while & return to the basics for some revision. –  Andrew Thompson Dec 15 '12 at 15:54
I just thought it'd mention it in case it mattered regarding redirecting from system.out.println. –  user1880046 Dec 15 '12 at 15:59
This question is similar to: stackoverflow.com/questions/12945537/… –  José Roberto Araújo Júnior Dec 15 '12 at 16:07
Using System.out.println for any reason other than immediate debugging is bad in itself, why do you even consider integrating it further into GUI. If you want to log something use a logging framework, or for your case look at the Observer design pattern. –  alikox Dec 15 '12 at 16:28

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You need only to change the default output...

Check out System.setOut(printStream)

public static void main(String[] args) throws UnsupportedEncodingException
    ByteArrayOutputStream bos = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
    System.setOut(new PrintStream(bos));
    System.out.println("outputing an example");
    JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Captured: " + bos.toString("UTF-8"));

Also, your question is pretty similar to this other one, so I could adapt this accepted answer to work with JLabel

public static void main(String[] args) throws UnsupportedEncodingException
    CapturePane capturePane = new CapturePane();
    System.setOut(new PrintStream(new StreamCapturer("STDOUT", capturePane, System.out)));

    System.out.println("Output test");

    JFrame frame = new JFrame();
    frame.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
    frame.setSize(200, 200);

    System.out.println("More output test");

public static class CapturePane extends JPanel implements Consumer {

    private JLabel output;

    public CapturePane() {
        setLayout(new BorderLayout());
        output = new JLabel("<html>");
        add(new JScrollPane(output));

    public void appendText(final String text) {
        if (EventQueue.isDispatchThread()) {
            output.setText(output.getText() + text + "<br>");
        } else {

            EventQueue.invokeLater(new Runnable() {
                public void run() {


public interface Consumer {        
    public void appendText(String text);        

public static class StreamCapturer extends OutputStream {

    private StringBuilder buffer;
    private String prefix;
    private Consumer consumer;
    private PrintStream old;

    public StreamCapturer(String prefix, Consumer consumer, PrintStream old) {
        this.prefix = prefix;
        buffer = new StringBuilder(128);
        buffer.append("[").append(prefix).append("] ");
        this.old = old;
        this.consumer = consumer;

    public void write(int b) throws IOException {
        char c = (char) b;
        String value = Character.toString(c);
        if (value.equals("\n")) {
            buffer.delete(0, buffer.length());
            buffer.append("[").append(prefix).append("] ");
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what about repaints? –  Zhedar Dec 15 '12 at 16:00
@ José Any chance you could give me an example? I've spent the last 4 hours trying to redirect it, without any luck so far. –  user1880046 Dec 15 '12 at 16:04
Here's an example: viralpatel.net/blogs/java-reassign-standard-output-error –  Viral Patel Dec 15 '12 at 16:06
@José Roberto Araújo Júni this idea talking about JTextArea / JTextPane :-) –  mKorbel Dec 15 '12 at 16:06
@ViralPatel In that link, it says, PrintStream ps = new PrintStream("C:/sample.txt"); System.setOut(ps); So in my code, I tried PrintStream ps = new PrintStream("NextPage.label1"); System.setOut(ps); System.out.println(line); But it didn't work. Am I getting close to solving it, or am I far off? –  user1880046 Dec 15 '12 at 16:14

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