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I have created an application which allows the user to click on several buttons. Each of these buttons have different content on the seven frames.

For example; I have a game on button one, an animation on page 2, etc. The code for all seven buttons is only located on frame 1. When I click on a different button, the games continues to play the next page animation. How could I stop that?

p.s the animations/game code is set on different frames ("PAGES AS" layer)

timeline pages setup

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To make the automatic playing stop, you can add the stop() function. This needs to be added to every frame.

If you want to perform a certain action depending on your current frame, you can use:

  //Do something
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You could also you gotoAndStop(frame number).

For example if you press button when its on 1st frame and you want the button to go on 4th frame use gotoAndStop(4);

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