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Trying to build a signed release build of my application with an a native extension (ANE file) on Mac. When I build, using either Flash Builder or adt in terminal, I get this error:

unexpected failure: null
at com.adobe.air.CentralDirectoryReader.readInt(
at com.adobe.air.CentralDirectoryReader.<init>(
at com.adobe.air.ApplicationPackager.addExtensions(
at com.adobe.air.ApplicationPackager.createPackage(
at com.adobe.air.nai.NativePackager.createPackage(
at com.adobe.air.ADT.parseArgsAndGo(
at com.adobe.air.ADT.main( failure: null

The ANE is the ArduinoConnector (

Any Ideas? Thanks for any help.

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There is a bug with how Flash Builder currently works with ANEs which can make it quite challenging (see ArduinoConnector FAQ and this bug on the Adobe Forums). I have to unzip the ANE (it is a zip file with it's extension changed) and work with it as a folder of files. Zipping the contents of this folder back up and adding the .ane extension works fine when building a normal debug version from Flash builder but this error (the one mentioned in the question above) is thrown when trying to build a release build from a rezipped ANE. Building a release build with my custom ANE that was built with adt, instead of rezipped, works fine.

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