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I have a User class which has_many Addresses - and Address belongs_to User.
How do I define it so that when an address is deleted it gets removed from user.adresses too and vice versa, if I do user.addresses.delete(address), then it is no longer appears in Addresses.all?

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To destroy addresses when a user is deleted, you can declare it on the association.

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :addresses, :dependent => :destroy #destroy addresses when user destroyed

You don't need to do anything for the other way around, since the foreign key is on the Address model.

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You need to pass :dependent => :destroy in the has_many realtionship of the User model

has_many :addresses, :dependent => :destroy

If you do this then, if a user is deleted then all the Address objects associated with this User will also be deleted.

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