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In the eclipse run command, there are two choices: JUnit Plug-in Test and JUnit Test.

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Before, I tried to launch eclipse plugin test (org.eclipse.jdt.ui.tests.refactoring), and I had some issues ( Debugging eclipse unit test code "Test class should have exactly one" and "Workspace is closed" error ).

The issue was that when I tried to launch the debugger with JUnit Test, I got Workspace is closed error.

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In eclipse configuration, they have the same workspace.

enter image description here enter image description here

  • What is the difference between the two? And especially, how does workspace work for them?
  • Why I have Workspace is closed error with JUnit Test run? Is it possible to launch eclipse plugin test with JUnit Test?
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JUnit Plug-in test is for testing Eclipse plug-ins. It runs a new instance of Eclipse. Then, it runs the tests.

JUnit test is for testing regular Java applications. It runs the tests without launching a new instance of Eclipse.

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