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I wrote a compiler pass (a class implementing CompilerPassInterface) and I would like to register it with the DI container from one of my controllers. What I am trying to do is making a certain service X collect other services (Y, Z, ...) that are tagged in a certain manner. Outside a controller I would simply do:

$container = new ContainerBuilder();
$container->addCompilerPass(new TransportCompilerPass);

But in my case I want to use the container made available to the controller so that I can leverage the definitions in services.xml I added to my application. I find it weird that the $this->container of the controller has the get method but not the addCompilerPass. Clearly it must be because $this->container is not a ContainerBuilder.

Anyhow ... can anyone show me a way around it?

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when u wanna register a compiler pass this must be done in the bundle class and not in any of the controllers of the budle. This link explains everything:

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