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I have the following table structure:

menu --{ page --{ title

From the menu i would like to get fetch related pages. Pages also have related titles. The following code works exactly as i would like however the for loop generates an individual query each iteration.

The prefetch_related in the initial query doesn't seem to fetch the title. Is there a better way to do this resulting in a smaller number of queries?

 menu_data = MenuOrder.objects \
            .filter(menu__name=kwargs['menu']) \
            .filter(page__title_set__language=language) \
            .prefetch_related('page') \

    for menu_obj in menu_data:
        title_obj = menu_obj.page.title_set.get()

Thanks in advance,

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You can try with:


Quoting prefetch-related doc:

The following are all legal:


Also, remember than for reduce queries you should use select_related

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i did try the prefetch_relate, but a Relationship Manager is returned where i would a record would be.. so i have to run the .get() method on it to retrieve the db row resulting in the extra queries.. –  Lee Dec 16 '12 at 16:12
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Well, i found out that reversing the relationship has reduced the number of queries by a large numbr:

title_data = Title.objects \
    .filter(language=language) \
    .filter(page__menuorder__menu__name=kwargs['menu']) \

I don't know if there is a better method, so for now i will accept this one. Thanks to everyone that took a look..

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