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i have searched a lot in SO. The text show/hide on click, worked only to show the div, when clicked on hide, it doesnt show another div.

I want something like this.

a text is displayed by defualt SHOW and div named formula1 is displayed, when clicked on show, it hides the test SHOW and hides the previous div formula1 and text HIDE Appears with another div Formula2

The below only showed one div, but i want both divs to be showed on each when clicked.

<script language="javascript"> 
function toggle() {
var ele = document.getElementById("toggleText");
var text = document.getElementById("displayText");
if(ele.style.display == "block") {
        ele.style.display = "none";
    text.innerHTML = "show";
else {
    ele.style.display = "block";
    text.innerHTML = "hide";
<a id="displayText" href="javascript:toggle();">show</a> <== click Here
<div id="toggleText" style="display: none">peek-a-boo</></div>

anybody please help

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both DIV's?? There's only one in sample markup. Also what is formula1 and formula2 ? – charlietfl Dec 15 '12 at 18:40
@charlietfl <div id="formula1">some text</div> <div id="formula2">some text</div> – cool nicq Dec 15 '12 at 18:48
explanation needs to be more complete along with enough html to represent issue in it's entirety – charlietfl Dec 15 '12 at 18:53
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Why dont you use JQUERY it will reduce the codes that are you writing. by using simple show() and hide() functions....
here is link .show() jquery selector and .hide() jquery selector

if you intersted in javascript then goto this URL simple javascript show hide div

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thanks a lot to you and got my answer.. thanks a lot – cool nicq Dec 15 '12 at 19:03
your welcome ;) – Ashish Panwar Dec 15 '12 at 19:46

worked for me

<script language=javascript type='text/javascript'> 
function hideDiv() { 
if (document.getElementById) { 
document.getElementById('back').style.display = 'none'; 
document.getElementById('sale').style.display = 'block'; 
function showDiv() { 
if (document.getElementById) { 
document.getElementById('back').style.display = 'block'; 
document.getElementById('sale').style.display = 'none'; 
<body onLoad="javascript:showDiv()">
<div id="sale"> <button onClick="javascript:showDiv()">Hide</button><br>Hide Button will be replaced with Show button</div>
<div id="back"><button onClick="javascript:hideDiv()">Show<br> </button><br>Show Button will be replaced with hide button</div>

on this script.. both the divs are hidden and show.. ex

when Show button is clicked, both show button and text Show Button will be replaced with hide button are replaced with Hide button and its text Hide Button will be replaced with Show button and vice versa

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