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I have Calendar contained in a <div id="calendardiv"> with relative positioning, so that the calendar wouldn't overlap the main menu of my app. What's the functionality of viewContainer parameter? The documentation just says that it contains the view of your calendar. What's that supposed to mean?

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As you can see in the doc, this returns a domNode. As there nothing more said about it, it seems to me as if this was a "placeholder-domNode" created to store the views which could get displayed in your calendar widget.

There is another domNode-property in every widget which contains the actual appearing representation of the widget. It seems to me as if the widget pics views from the viewContainer and builds the required representation from the ones they need... You may just test it by printing it out at runtime and checking for its id or sth. in the parsed sourcecode of the page... There you can see what it contains anyway..

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