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I have a simple past event as

document.getElementById('paste_area').addEventListener('paste', function() {
    document.getElementById('notice').innerHTML='Text was successfully pasted!';
}, true);

A working example can be found here

The alert and notice will appear before pasting. How can I delay the alert action to happen after paste event has been actually completed?

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Use setTimeout (with a minimal delay such as zero) to defer the execution of the script. – Rob W Dec 15 '12 at 18:46
you could set up your own paste handler using preventDefault() (or IE equivalent variable - I forget the name), but an easier way is to use an input event since (IIRC) it can also handle dropping dragged text – technosaurus Dec 15 '12 at 19:09
@technosaurus paste handler is not bullet proof and cross-browser. For example, FireFox does not allow accessing the paste data. – All Dec 15 '12 at 19:17
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You could put your alert in a setTimeout.

setTimeout(function() {alert('Pasted');}, 0);

This will delay the code until after the value has updated.

Just keep in mind that this in the setTimeout callback will have a different value than that in the enclosing environment.

If you'll need a reference to the outer this, which will be the element, then reference it in a variable...

var self = this;
setTimeout(function() {alert(self.value);}, 0);

Or use .bind() (Supported in most browsers that support addEventListener. Older Safari didn't support it.)...

setTimeout(function() {alert(this.value);}.bind(this), 0);
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"this" is different! That saved me, thank you, good explanation :) – Maximosaic Jan 9 '14 at 14:49

setTimeout seems the best option and you can use something like this to generalise

// object definition

    function PasteMonitor(element)
        if(typeof element == "string")
   = document.getElementById(element);
        else if(typeof element == "object" || typeof element == "function")
   = element;

        if( != null && != undefined)
        this.oldstate = "";
    PasteMonitor.prototype = Object.create({},{
        pasted:{ value: false, enumerable: true, configurable: true, writable: true },
        changed:{ value: function(evt){
            //elements content is changed
            if(typeof this.onChange == "function")
                if(typeof this.afterPaste == "function")
                    this.pasted = false;
        }, enumerable: true, configurable: true, writable: true },
        inPaste:{ value: function(evt){
            var cancelPaste = false;
            if(typeof this.beforePaste == "function")
                // process pasted data
                cancelPaste = this.beforePaste(evt);
            if(cancelPaste == true)
                return false;
            this.pasted = true;
                var evt = document.createEvent("HTMLEvents");
                evt.initEvent("change", false, true);
        }, enumerable: true, configurable: true, writable: true }
    PasteMonitor.prototype.constructor = PasteMonitor;

//PasteMonitor usage

    //var element = document.getElementById('paste_area');
    var msgArea = document.getElementById('message');
    var myMonitor = new PasteMonitor("paste_area");
    //or use and object as argument => var myMonitor = new PasteMonitor(element);

    myMonitor.onChange = function(evt){
            //do something on paste change
            msgArea.innerHTML = "onChange by paste";
            this.oldstate =;
        //check to prevent processing change event when the element loses focus if the change is done by paste
        else if( != this.oldstate)
            msgArea.innerHTML = "onChange by typing";
    myMonitor.afterPaste = function(evt){
       // do something after paste
        msgArea.innerHTML = "afterPaste";
    myMonitor.beforePaste = function(evt){
        // do something before the actual paste
        msgArea.innerHTML = "beforePaste";
        //return true to prevent paste
        return false;
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