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I have built a phone gap project in eclipse and it runs fine on my device. I have also built a gwt app and I can drop the js it generates into my phonegap app and it runs fine. What I want now is to create my ui/app using get and have it deploy the generated javascript straight to my device. Is this possible in eclipse or only via an ant script?

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If you're asking if you can update the web content in your PhoneGap app without re-compiling it in Eclipse, the answer is no. The web content in your app is stored within the .apk and gets signed before being loaded onto your device. The .apk cannot be re-signed on the device.

An alternative to this is to host your app's web content on a remote server and have your PhoneGap webview load from that server location. Just set the remote location as your first parameter in your super.loadUrl() call.

Remember to whitelist your domain in your app settings. Documentation on whitelisting can be found here.

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What i meant was can I build an app using GWT, and then deploy it to my device and debug it while it is running on my device. –  MayoMan Dec 15 '12 at 19:01
Yes, you can. With PhoneGap, your standard javascript console.log() calls will show up in the logcat, which will be part of the Eclipse interface. –  geeksunny Dec 15 '12 at 19:16

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