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I have an Android app that starts a TwitterStream with Twitter4j and I am looking for help as to how to stop/close it if I do not need the stream anymore. I start the stream on a preference change but would need to stop it in other parts of my app based on user actions.

Here is how I start the stream, which is the typical way I have found in documentation:

ConfigurationBuilder cb = new ConfigurationBuilder();






TwitterStream twitterStream = new TwitterStreamFactory(cb.build()).getInstance();
StatusListener listener = new StatusListener() {

    public void onDeletionNotice(StatusDeletionNotice arg0) {


FilterQuery fq = new FilterQuery();
fq.follow(new long[]{X});


Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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You can stop the stream by following commands:

twitterStream.cleanUp(); // shutdown internal stream consuming thread
twitterStream.shutdown(); // Shuts down internal dispatcher thread shared by all TwitterStream instances.

you can check the api from the following link to learn the details of the api. http://twitter4j.org/javadoc/twitter4j/TwitterStream.html

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