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I'm trying to make a simple 2D game using SFML and this tutorial. Here's to code for my current progress in the tutorial: I'm having problem with the enum EventType for class Event. Member variable name is Type.

     #include "stdafx.h"
     #include "SplashScreen.h"

     void SplashScreen::Show(sf::RenderWindow & renderWindow)
        sf::Image image;
        if(image.LoadFromFile("images/SplashScreen.png") != true)

       sf::Sprite sprite(image);


       sf::Event event;
           if( event.Type == sf::Event::EventType::KeyPressed
             || event.Type == sf::Event::EventType::MouseButtonPressed
             || event.Type == sf::Event::EventType::Closed )

This is my stdafx.h:

     // stdafx.h : include file for standard system include files,
     // or project specific include files that are used frequently, but
     // are changed infrequently

     #ifndef STDAFX_H
     #define STDAFX_H

     #include <stdio.h>

     // TODO: reference additional headers your program requires here
     #include <SFML/System.hpp>
     #include <SFML/Graphics.hpp>
     #include <SFML/Window.hpp>
     #include <SFML/Audio.hpp>

     #include <map>
     #include <iostream>
     #include <cassert>

     #endif //STDAFX_H

It seems it has included Event.hpp because I've autocompletation works for event. MouseButtonPressed and all the other enum values appears after sf::Event::EventType:: scope in Code Blocks. I've also checked Event.hpp file and it is correct. I don't understand why the compiler is messing with me.

When i try to remove the scopes and only write "event.Type == KeyPressed" instead the compiler says "Keypressed was not declared in this scope". I run Code Blocks 10.05 on Ubuntu 12.04.

Know what's wrong?

Edit: This is my Event.hpp

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The name of the enum is not a scope. Just replace sf::Event::EventType::KeyPressed to sf::Event::KeyPressed.

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