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I'm using Flot for graphing and I'm having trouble getting it to report 12 hour time, instead of 24 hour time.

I'm using this code (which works fine otherwise)

$(function () {
[ { data: 0 } ],
{ xaxes: [ { mode: 'time', 
             twelveHourClock: true,
             timeformat: "%H:%M%p"} ],
  yaxes: [  ] })

Any idea why it's not respecting the %p, which should force 12hour AND the twelveHourClock is set to true ...

Thanks in advance!

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You need to use %I (12 hour format) instead of %H (24 hour format). If you do this then there is also no need to set "twelveHourClock" to true. Also, %p is just for adding the 'am/pm'.

From the docs:

If you set "twelveHourClock" to true, the autogenerated timestamps will use 12 hour AM/PM timestamps instead of 24 hour. This only applies if you have not set "timeformat". Use the "%I" and "%p" or "%P" options if you want to build your own format string with 12-hour times.

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Thanks, bummer I missed that. –  mr-sk Dec 15 '12 at 22:50

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