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What I'm trying to achieve is to store 2 arrays in a cookie, like: ["reminder1","reminder2"]``["time1","time2"]

The two ` characters are meant to separate the two arrays.

With the current code that I have, the cookie just gets a value of reminder1,time1, and that's it.

I'm literally doing something wrong here, but at this point, I have no idea how to fix this.

My code so far:


<table id="reminders">
            <td>Emlékeztető szövege</td>
        <tr class="remdef">
            <td class="remtxt"><em>Kattints a módosításhoz!</em></td>
            <td class="remtim"><input type="text" class="datepicker"></td>
            <td class="remope" style="opacity:1.0;"></td>


var addnew_html = '<span class="typicn plus '+readCookie('nev')+'" onclick="remtbl(\'addnew\')"></span>';
var modify_html = '<span class="typicn edit '+readCookie('nev')+'" onclick="remtbl(\'modify\')"></span>';
var remove_html = '<span class="typicn times '+readCookie('nev')+'"  onclick="remtbl(\'remove\')"></span>';

$('#reminders tbody tr.remdef td.remtxt em').click(function(){
    defhtml = '<em>'+$(this).html()+'</em>';
    $(this.parentNode).html('<textarea width="100%" cols="50" id="rem-editing" class="rem-edit'+$('#reminders tbody tr').index($(this).parents('#reminders tbody tr'))+'"></textarea>');
    changeModifOptions($('#reminders tbody tr.remdef td.remope'),['addnew']);

function changeModifOptions(selector,options){
        return  ((!(options.indexOf('addnew'))) ? addnew_html : '' )+((!(options.indexOf('modify'))) ? modify_html : '')+((!(options.indexOf('remove'))) ? remove_html : '');

function remtbl(cmd){
    if (cmd == 'addnew'){
        var cookieval = readCookie('reminder');
        createCookie('reminder',($('#reminders tbody tr.remdef td.remtxt textarea').val().replace('<','&lt;').replace('>','&gt;')+','+$('#reminders tbody tr.remdef td.remtim input.datepicker').val()+( (cookieval) ? '``'+cookieval : '')),parent.longtime);
        $('#reminders tbody').append('<tr class="remelm"><td class="remtxt">'+Array(readCookie('reminder').split('``'))[0]+'</td><td class="remtim"><input type="text" class="datepicker" value="'+Array(readCookie('reminder').split('``'))[1]+'"></td><td class="remope" style="opacity:1.0;"></td><tr>')
        changeModifOptions($('#reminders tbody tr td.remope:last'),['modify','remove']);
        $('#reminders tbody tr.remdef td.remtim input.datepicker').val('');
        $('#reminders tbody tr.remdef td.remope').html('');
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Your string.split in javascript takes a regular expression, the backtic might mean something there and have to be escaped. Try using a different delimiter like comma to see if it works. – Eric Leschinski Dec 15 '12 at 22:17
@EricLeschinski That's not the case. – SeinopSys Dec 15 '12 at 22:19
JSON.stringify, JSON.parse ? – Andreas Dec 15 '12 at 22:31
@Andreas The parse was what I needed I think, but how do I implement it? – SeinopSys Dec 15 '12 at 22:33
"Pseudo" code as your code isn't that readable for me (at least in my current situation^^) var cookieval = [ ["reminder1","reminder2"], ["time1","time2"] ]; saveCookie(JSON.stringify(cookieval)); cookieval = JSON.parse(readCookie()); – Andreas Dec 15 '12 at 22:45
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As @Andreas suggested you can turn the array into JSON string using JSON.stringify( array) and return it to a javascript array using JSON.parse( string)


var arr=['a','b','c'];
var json=JSON.stringify(arr);

createCookie('reminder', json);

var arrayFromCookie= JSON.parse( readCookie('reminder'));

For older browsers that don't support JSON object include json.js library

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The first parameter of javascript string.split takes either a character or a regular expression. In the code you posted, you have done neither of these.


To make it a valid regular expression, use slash backtic backtic slash. Like this:

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But still, adding a regular expression doesn't change the fact that the cookie is not being set properly. – SeinopSys Dec 15 '12 at 22:25

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