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I have a trouble validating one form, I have a Product model with several attributes, but I would like to make a method for validate the presence of almost one attribute of the following:


   attr_accessible :ship_int, ship_df, :tipo_envio

  #I'm trying to validate :ship_df like this:

validates :ship_df, :presence => { :message => "*seleciona al menos una opcion de envio"}, 
:allow_blank => true, :on => :create, :if => :almost_one_option_df?

 def almost_one_option_df?
    ship_df != nil || tipo_envio != nil || ship_int != nil

The question is, how can I validate the presence of almost one of those three attributes?, if one is presence the Product can be created.


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I think you want to validate that at least one of ship_df, tipo_envio or ship_int is set? If one, or two, or three of them have a value it is valid, but if none of the have a value it is not?

If so, I'd check for blank not nil:

validate :any_present?

def any_present?
  if %w(ship_df tipo_envio ship_int).all?{|attr| self[attr].blank?}
    errors.add :base, "*seleciona al menos una opcion de envio"
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I've tried your method, but I have one error log, undefined method `add_to_base', what do you think? – Julio Ahuactzin Dec 15 '12 at 22:56
Sorry about that - edited for Rails3 – Michael Shimmins Dec 15 '12 at 23:03
Thanks, very nice! :D – Julio Ahuactzin Dec 15 '12 at 23:20

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