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How would I do the following in jinja2:

while apples < oranges:
    # some work here.

According to, and by the error I am getting, Jinja2 does not support while loops.

The question is I want to continuously do some work as long as the value of apples is less than that of oranges

Thanks for any help.

Also something equivalent to while True: is good also.

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I didn't even know jinja2 had variables that could change values in a way that would make that make sense. Why are you putting business logic in a template anyway? – Wooble Dec 15 '12 at 23:08

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To loop in Jina2 you have to use : for. To end the loop in the for block you can use break. See :

jinja_env = Environment(extensions=['jinja2.ext.loopcontrols'])

An "endless" loop you can create with:

{% for _ in range(1, large_number) %}

   {% if loop.index > stop_at %}{% break %}{% endif %} 

{% endfor %}
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@vocausa seem to be you can't use break anymore, and I'm actually puzzled how to write something like this without break?? – holms Apr 28 at 22:12

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