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This is not really an error but I'm trying to find out how to tell the GWT compiler to put the generated files in folder xx/yyinstead of the default ModuleName/ModulaName+Package that it currently puts them in


is not really of any help as can't see how to add the configuration parameters.

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The -war option allows you to specify were the output files are generated. The directory name of the generated files in this directory is by default the package + module name. You can specify another name by setting this in your module .gwt.xml file: <module rename-to="somename"> where somename will be the name of the directory. The first reference of ModuleName in ModuleName/ModulaName+Package is the deployment name. The name is the url set in the GWT tab of you devmode debug configuration.

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Hilbrand, Thanks but the issue I was having was how to pass the parameters to the GWT compiler when running it in eclipse. I didn't really explain it properly in my question. Anyways for anyones who stumble on this question here is the solution


Its in the advanced option when you launch the GWT Compile command in eclipse.

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